San Francisco | Restaurante en Malpica


Here you can discover our gastronomic proposals and get to know our premises, located in the heart of the fishing village of Malpica de Bergantiños, in the Costa da Morte.


Our dining room overlooks the Sisargas Islands, and in it you can taste the best seafood and fish in traditional recipes. Our raw materials come from the local fish market, always fished using traditional methods, which are the most respectful with the marine environment.

We also offer an area for ‘picoteo’ (snacks) where you can enjoy home-cooked Galician food, always with a marked seafood nature.


Any time is a good time to enjoy the flavours of the sea, but please note that, except during the summer, we are closed on Thursdays to give our staff a rest.

Due to excessive workload, in August we disable the booking option on this website.



The San Francisco Restaurant is known for being the meeting point for the best goose barnacles on the Costa da Morte. The key is in the selection, always having the highest quality product from the best cliffs of this Atlantic corner: Sisargas Islands, Nariga, Corme, Camelle… Few flavours can match that of goose barnacles.


Every day we select the freshest fish that arrives at the port of Malpica, whose inshore fleet is one of the most important in Spain. We only cook seasonal fish caught using traditional methods. Our cuisine is kilometre zero of flavour. In ‘caldeirada’ (stew) or grilled and, if you order beforehand, also baked in the oven.


Bergantiños, our region, is rich in first class garden produce, with delicious potatoes from Coristanco and fresh vegetables. Our meat comes from the local market. From a Galician beef T-bone steak or an entrecôte to an oven-roasted beef with potatoes made with the wisdom of traditional cuisine.


Our grandmother passed on the success of a recipe that is not only home-made but also traditional, with local ingredients. Exquisite flavour and texture in a traditional dish made with fresh highest quality produce.


We personally select the best seafood from the fish market, paying attention to the season in which each species offers us its maximum flavour and quality. Lobster, crayfish, shrimps, crab, spider crab, crab… Whenever the sea permits, in the best season it can be eaten, with all the guarantees.


We prepare omelettes with different ingredients, from the classic potato omelette to one made with chorizo or turnip tops. Our croquettes are home-made (don’t miss the croquettes made from cuttlefish in its own ink!), and from time to time, depending on the season, we offer you products with traditional recipes based on local fish.


The American city of San Francisco and Malpica de Bergantiños share the same DNA. The Franciscan monk Pedro Benito Cambón Romero was born on 1 April 1738 in this Galician town, in San Xulián de Seaia. In 1776 he founded the congregation known as the Dolores Mission, the seed of the cosmopolitan city of San Francisco. It is still in operation today and its building is the oldest in the city and probably in the entire state of California.


Friar Pedro Benito Cambón also went down in history as an explorer, traveller, farmer, engineer and architect. In San Francisco, he has a street named after him, Cambon Street, as well as a statue commemorating his role in the founding of one of the most popular cities on the planet.


In the 18th century, another missionary born in Malpica and a companion of Pedro Benito, Juan Riobó, travelled for some years through Antigua and New California before joining the frigate Princesa as a chaplain on an exploration voyage off the coast of Alaska.

Disfruta de las vistas Sisargas desde el restaurante San Francisco de Malpica.


The Sisargas archipelago guards the bay of Malpica with its three islands: Malante, Chica and Sisarga Grande. Protected by the Natura 2000 Network, they are an important sighting place for migratory birds. They belong to the heirs of the Count of Altamira and Luz de Mora y Aragón, Queen Fabiola of Belgium’s sister.


At the top of the Sisarga Grande is the lighthouse, one of the most important maritime signals of the Costa da Morte together with Vilán, Touriñán and Fisterra. The current one dates from 1853; it was remodelled in 1919 and was inhabited by the lighthouse keepers who maintained it until 2004, when it was automated. Its lantern shoots three flashes of white light every fifteen seconds and can be seen in the arc between A Coruña and Cape Vilán, in Camariñas.


“Discover our restaurant, a place to enjoy the genuine taste of the Costa da Morte’s sea. Our dining room overlooks the Sisargas Islands and is ideal for your celebrations, business lunches or those gastronomic moments that become such an enjoyable experience”.